2020 Symposium presentations slides

Ally, N. Mathematics students: online behaviour and preferences

Blackman, C. Questions, questions, questions: investigating differences in NSC, NBT and MAM1000W

Cliff, A. COVID19 impact on teaching and learning and assessment in HE

Durandt, R. Transformation of the mathematics classroom from face-to-face to fully online

George, F. Staying ahead of the COVID-19 curve

Govender, V.G. The transition from school mathematics to university mathematics: implications for teaching and learning

Govender, V.G. Panel Discussion 2: How I anticipate the class of 2020 being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and what does it mean for the 2021 university intake? A learner’s perspective

Sango, T. and Steyn, S. Interpreting rate of change in applied context: reflecting in students’ reasoning