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Mathemafrica is designed to be a blogging platform for bloggers writing about mathematics within Africa and those who are blogging about mathematics with relevance to Africa. We aim to be a multilingual, multiblogger platform, giving a voice to anyone who wants to discuss mathematics and a source of information and inspiration for anyone who would like to know how mathematics might be relevant to them.

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“Dr Claire Blackman is a lecturer in mathematics, whose passion lies in mathematics education in tertiary institutions. Her most recent work in creating a mathematics open¬†textbook,¬†Introduction to Abstract Algebra, using open source tools is oriented around not only creating content best suited for the practice and teaching of mathematics within a local context, but also the training of a mathematical mind. In February 2019, Claire was awarded a grant from the DOT4D project, which she is using to develop her textbook and address these ambitions in the teaching and practice of mathematics at an undergraduate level.”

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